Stem Cell Therapeutics Specialist

Bio Genesis –
Your personalized anti-aging expert

We are a worldwide medical network with experts in stem cell anti-aging industry, including Germany, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, expertise with almost 20 years of experience in human anti-aging and cell therapeutic approach , our medical network has an unwavering commitment to anti-aging. With treatment centers and laboratory in Germany, we engrain the core values for high quality, reliability and medical expertise. This means that we have been recognized by our patients and partners for being the gold standard for bringing better quality to life.

Our Mission –
Unique Protocol

We have developed a couple of unique treatment concepts, ensuring each of our specific cellular supplement is able to produce an effective revitalization of the whole organism of your body.

“Revitalization means an improvement in vitality, an increase in activity, the stabilisation of mental power, enhancement of the general power of resistance and a strengthening of the body’s natural defenses.”

We discovered that by optimizing the body’s condition, the effect of the cellular therapies largely improves and lasts longer.

Thus, we take your individual cellular state into consideration and then applying initial treatment with a patented mix which have essential immunological and metabolic functions not only to increase your well-being or to reverse disbalance, but to condition your own stem cells for the following individualized supplements, to boost and promote the rejuvenation and recovery on a deeper cellular level.

Precise Diagnosis

Only a profound understanding of what causes a specific disease can offer a real opportunity to respond to it appropriately. Early detection for diseases like cancer or heart problems, can mean the difference between life and death. Medical check-up and thorough diagnostics therefore are the keys for any successful medical treatment.

We provide the most sophisticated, most thorough and comprehensive health screen package in both Hong Kong and Germany. This combination of integrated blood test, DNA testing, MRI and Sonography is unique and helps to discover and identify any abnormalities or life threatening problems in a very early stage!

Thanks to our close personal ties to the best research centers in Germany and the USA, we can offer always the newest blood tests and state-of-the-art diagnostics technology to detect problems at the earliest stages.