5 Days Complete Health Program, Munich

We offer a unique 5 days complete health program taking care of your needs.

Autologous Stem Cell is the foundation of our clinical practice. Cells are harvested, multiplied and re-introduced back into the same patient.

This is an intervention strategy that introduces new stem cells to damaged tissue in order to treat disease, injury or for cosmetic purposes. It is considered safer than others because cells are obtained from yourself and do not induce allergic reactions.

Depending on your health condition, we can harvest stem cells from the following sources:

Requires culturing and multiplication to obtain therapeutic numbers. More commonly applied for general rejuvenation, muscle conditions, blood and internal organ related conditions.

Requires a piece of skin with a size of about 1cm from a cosmetically inconspicuous place, e.g. from behind the ear. The piece of skin is examined with regard to its count of adult stem cells, using the patented technology and method put at our disposal.

Extraction by harvesting (drilling into bone). Pioneering stem cell treatments used bone marrow derived cells. More commonly applied for blood (also blood cancers like Leukemia) and orthopedic conditions. Typically requires culturing and multiplication to obtain therapeutic numbers.

Is harvested by an Operation (liposuction), needs culturing and multiplication to obtain therapeutical numbers.

Research is looking into using these stem cells for dental implants and tissue regeneration.