Our bodies contain dormant stem cells in every organ. These cells need to be activated in order to rejuvenate the organs, with the injection of the frozen live cells, these cells get awaken and start to work and literally rejuvenate and strongly improve immune function and organs.

Cells including heart, kidney, liver, lung, brain, ovary/testis and thymus, etc. are gained from organs and tissue of specially donor bred. The health of the herd is monitored by German Veterinarian Authority. The preference for the breed of sheep as donor animals is based on many decades of experience and scientific research. This animal species has very good health conditions and is highly resistant to viral and bacteriological diseases.

Contrary to the old fashioned fresh cell therapy, undesirable allergic reactions are prevented because the allergic factors in the cell membrane are removed while the valuable and bioactive content of the cell is getting preserved.

Through a continuous monitoring system established in collaboration with the local health departments, each of our products can be traced back to the exact animal for maximum transparency and security. This gives our patients security of absolute sterility of the cells used for treatment. According to this high standard, the extraction and production process take place under pharmaceutical cleanroom conditions in a GMP Certified Laboratory in Germany.