Reproduction of the body’s own natural killer cells.

NK-cells are lymphocytes (a subgroup of white blood cells) that are able to recognize and kill mutated cells such as tumour cells and virus-infected cells. NK-cells are part of the natural immune system. For tumor patients and patients with a weakened immune system, these cells are underrepresented and their immune competence is reduced.

We acquire the NK-cells from the patient’s blood by leucocyte-apheresis. The produced cells are separated into various phases according to a density gradient. Then the relevant cells are washed several times until the desired degree of purity is achieved. This purging ensures that no tumor cells/tumor stem cells are cultivated along with them.

We grow the NK-cells in a cell culture under ideal conditions and then return the multiplied cells to the patient by infusion. Monitoring of the tumor cell number enables us to ascertain reaction to the therapy.