3 Easy Steps to Total Rejuvenation

Understanding your health condition

Personalization of the treatment

Follow up with care and post therapy and supplements

Understanding your health condition

To ensure we perform the appropriate treatment, you must undergo a mandatory blood test to determine the following:
  • Overall health status: To discover or pinpoint problem areas and to observe improvements during the treatment.
  • Hormone, Orthomolecular status: To see if the stem cell helpers are in a healthy level to support the stem cell therapy and in any case of low count, it might need substitution. A thorough medical questionnaire is needed for every patient before the therapy. By taking your medical history into account, we are able to draw up a needs-oriented recommendations for you.

Personalization of the Treatment

Your health and your well-being is the main decisive factor for us. Based on the diagnosis, our professional team will recommend and customize a rejuvenation program that fits perfectly to your own needs, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the most effective cellular treatment for Rejuvenation!

Follow up with Care and post therapy and supplements

We want to build up a long-term relationship, whereas we do not see our job and responsibility finished, when the patient is leaving Germany, there will be professional advice and action for them all the time! Our services may include sending medication to patients, flying to them in emergency cases, or organize evacuation and surgery in Germany if necessary. We will also supply you with a medically integrated mix of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Hormones, and Telomerase protection for the time after your departure and monitor and adjust the dosages during the year.