Chance for Change
Reset Your Aging Agenda

One and only “tailor-made” treatment for your ownself. Based on the diagnosis, our professional team will recommend and customize a rejuvenation program that fits perfectly to your needs.

Ultimate Youth sculpturing Programme

3 days cellular rejuvenation
Cellular & Immune Recovery Program:

This program is designed for people who  feel the first sign of aging and want to recover the most important organs and rejuvenate them.  We developed this intensive and highly effective medical program hoping to strengthen your body system within a short period, so that you can face the challenges of life again with better energy and overall enhanced physical vitality.

Limited to 50 Patients per Year

Ruby Cell Anti-aging Programme

5 days advanced cellular rejuvenation
Female Cellular Anti-aging and Ovary Booster:

The Ruby Cell Anti-aging Program aims at the busy top female executives who is constantly on the move! It is designed for female patients feeling the first signs of age and want to reboot the body's energy level to 150%!

Throughout the client history and clinical cases in SMC Germany, this program has provided a significant improvement on female patients' skin, reproductive and metabolism system. It helps preventing and postponing the onset of menopause, relieving menopausal and postpartum aging symptoms. To have the program exactly adjusted to your individual needs and not to lose time with the tests, we will send you a request list and medical questionnaire 4 weeks prior to your arrival to Germany for a blood test to be conducted at your local hospital, and then we will prepare the right mixtures for you!

Limited to 35 Patients per year

Deluxe Cell Rejuvenation Programme

14 days intensive cellular renewal
Unparallel Full Body Cellular Rejuvenation Program:

This program is designed for the health conscious individuals who realize that health is the most important treasure in life! With this program, We are using all the most advanced diagnostics, molecular detox, DNA testing and the full range of cellular therapies for total rejuvenation.

It can repair damaged tissue and organs, regenerate and impove the immune system, revitalize skin, kidney, liver, lung and heart, and help regenerate from neurological and cardio diseases. The program consists of the most modern and sophisticated checkup, detox and cellular treatment program today.

Limited to 25 Patients per year