The basic building blocks of life

"Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life, the basic cell from which our bodies are made."

Talking about Cell Therapy, we are referring to the traditional therapy concept which was developed by Professor Paul Niehans in 1930s – Using cells from juvenile donor animals for physical and healthy regeneration. After that, a patient who had suffered with severe postoperative convulsions was healed, and the monitoring proved that she had no more spasms for the following 25 years.

With this decisive and groundbreaking discovery, Cell Therapy has helped many people and celebrities achieve new health and vitality. In the last 30 years, a total of over 15 million people have undergone Cell Therapy treatment. What was once only a therapy for a handful of well-to-do-people is now within the reach of everyone.

If aging is the process of the body breaking down in the face of damage, then stem cells are the anti-aging treatment that can counteract the damage that causes aging and bring our bodies back to optimum health. However, stem cells are also reduced due to diseases illnesses, environmental factors such as smoking and drinking, air pollution, lack of exercise, malnourishment and mental depression.

Stem cells have fantastic therapeutic capabilities in the regenerative-supplement arena. Specifically, Mesenchymal Stem cells have the capacity to regenerate and replicate itself to counter tissue degeneration as well as tissue repair and regeneration. It also salvages and revives any weak stem cells in the host. It has so far demonstrated the greatest ability to turn into other tissue types including nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, collagen-produced cells, fat tissue, organ cells and skin cells; which means that it enhances, improves and escalates our own body’s system. Hence we can literally pause aging.

Stem Cells are

  • Extensive Cell Proliferation – Generate large-scale quantities.
  • Differentiation Capability – Become the desired cell type with specialised functions.
  • Immune Privilege – Do not cause immune rejection.
  • Internal repair system – Multiplying endlessly to replenish other cells.
  • Unique regenerative abilities – Offer exciting new potentials for treating diseases and produce hundreds of chemicals to accelerate the healing of our damaged cells.