100% German Medical Technology

German is the only European Country where cellular therapies are allowed by selected specialists, who are personally responsible and accounted by law for the whole production and treatment chain.

Futhermore, Munich is recognized as the “medical capital” of Germany due to its medical cluster of two world famous medical schools, a number of medical R&D centers, medical technology providers and medical professionals with high reputation working there.

The healthy climate, unspoilt nature and wide range of shops, restaurants and cultural attractions also play a part in ensuring that you and your families feel well looked after in Germany. After all, the more comfortable you are, the quicker you’ll get better. We create not only a medical trip but a prestigious personalized anti-aging experience for every patient.

German Authentic
Gold Standard
GMP Quality Assurance

We aim to secure the future of our customers through the safest method possible! Cell therapy treatments are very strictly regulated and overseen by the German government. We guarantee that all technology and patented ingredients of our products are developed in Germany, and our medical team in Germany has multiple cell therapy treatment licenses which allow our customers to use our products rest assured with 100% satisfaction.

Quality Management

The handling of human cells requires extreme diligence and the compliance with the highest safety standards. Due to our successful quality management, we are able to meet these requirements.

Patented quality assessment

With the technology licenses held exclusively by SMC, we carry out a quality assessment of the tissue sample with regard to adult stem cells. This quality assessment provides information regarding the number and quality of the obtained stem cells.

Ongoing External Quality Checks

Ongoing external quality checks required and enforced by the German Government guarantee the highest possible security, for EVERY badge of Cells!

GMP Certified Laboratory

According to the highest standard, the extraction and production process takes place under pharmaceutical cleanroom conditions in a GMP Certified Laboratory in Germany. This gives you the security of absolute sterility of the cells used for every treatment.